Edit my profile

Keeping your profile current is important. Earned a new credential? Great, add it to your profile! Changed your business hours? Let customers know.

Review and update your profile

First, let’s look at your current profile and determine if anything is missing. A complete profile is a winning profile!

  1. Login to your Tutors.com account
  2. Click Profile on your left navigation panel.

As you scroll through your profile you will find Edit buttons in the top right of each section. Some sections have other action buttons that allow you to add and update information in that section.

Click Edit to edit any section you want, then Save at the bottom of the edit page to save your new information.

Anytime you need to make a change, this is how you do it. It is easy to do, it doesn’t take long, and keeping your profile updated will help you be successful on Tutors.com in the long run.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to add photos to your profile and take your profile to the next level using our tips for top-notch profiles.

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